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Fondazione CRT

Fondazione CRT

Fondazione CRT is a nonprofit organization devoted entirely to the economic, social and cultural growth and development of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta. Born in 1991 from the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, it is a private, nonprofit entity, with full managerial autonomy, oriented towards social welfare and the promotion of economic development. The Foundation focuses its resources in many sectors, attributing to three main areas: Arts and Culture, Research and Education, Welfare and Territory. A constant commitment that has resulted in projects and grants totaling more than 1.5 billion Euros, distributed mainly in the local territory.

The Foundation looks closely at the comparison with and exchange at an international level: it is a member of the European Foundation Centre and the European Venture Philanthropy Association, the European umbrella organizations of philanthropy, and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAoC), based in New York. Among the initiatives launched in partnership with UNAoC, in October the third edition of Entrepreneurs for Social Change will take place, a project that supports social entrepreneurship and interculturality in which 20 young people from 14 countries bordering the Mediterranean will participate, after having been selected from over 1200 candidacies from an international call.

Tecno Holding

Tecno Holding

TECNO HOLDING S.p.A. is a finance company in which stakes are held by Italy's main chambers of commerce, national chamber system member companies, the national union of chambers of commerce, the Emilia Romagna regional union.

TECNO HOLDING S.p.A., with headquarters in Rome and offices in Turin and Padua, has a fully paid share capital of Euro 25,000,000. The company is managed by a Board of Directors chaired by Enrico Salza. Pier Andrea Chevallard is the Managing Director.

TECNO HOLDING S.p.A. engages in the acquisition and management of shareholdings in Italian and foreign companies, with any corporate purpose, including asset management companies. In addition, it supplies technical, financial and administrative coordination services to the subsidiaries.

Within the framework of its financial management activities, the company purchases, sells, rents and sublets real estate property with the aim to optimize cash return.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Established in 1933 with a fleet of only five airplanes, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is today a four-star airline with a fleet of 296 aircraft (passenger and cargo) flying to 277 cities around the world (229 international and 48 domestic destinations).
Turkish Airlines flies to more countries in the world (110 countries over 5 continents) and more international destinations (218 airports globally) than any other airline. One of the fastest growing airlines, it has received several "Passenger Choice Awards" from Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX). According to the Skytrax survey of 2015, Turkish Airlines was chosen "Europe's Best Airline" for the fifth and "Best Airline in Southern Europe" for the seventh consecutive time. Additionally, Turkish Airlines was awarded the prizes "World's Best Business Class Lounge" in the world and "World's Best Business Class Lounge Dining" for the second year in a row.
Turkish Airlines has been present in Italy since 1959 and currently operates in 10 Italian cities - Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Naples, Genoa, Turin, Pisa, Catania and Bari - offering more than 150 weekly connections between Italy and the international Istanbul hub. Turkish Airlines has been operating flights to Turin since 2011 and currently operates daily connections, under the guidance of the general manager Cem Sahir Islam.

In order to keep alive its brand equity, which provides a serious advantage in terms of competition, Turkish Airlines invests in its quality of service, in-flight entertainment systems, comfortable seats, gourmet cuisine and its employees. Turkish Airlines is always on the forefront of the latest technological advances and innovations in the aviation industry and boasts one of the youngest fleets. As the airline expands its routes and number of aircraft, continuous training of its employees is of the utmost importance in insuring the safety of its passengers.
Turkish Airlines regards flight safety and service quality as two of the most indispensable necessities. Turkish Airlines currently holds a four-star ranking and consistently strives to secure a five-star ranking.
Turkish Airlines understands the responsibility of being a pioneer within the industry, and is determined to carry out its mission moving forward. Being a prominent global airline, Turkish Airlines is proud to be preferred for its unparalleled service, superior quality, trustworthiness and reliability. In addition to Europe, Turkish Airlines is also strategically expanding its network into Russia, Central Asia, Far East Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North and South America. As one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines holds a strategic position between the East and West.

Press information
Edelman, Turkish Airlines press office: Silvia Assirelli: - tel. + 39 334 67 44 223



Iren Group is one of the largest and most dynamic multi-utility companies on the Italian scene and operates in the sectors:

  • Thermal energy for district heating (generation, distribution and sales);
  • Electricity (generation, distribution and sales);
  • Gas (regasification, distribution and sale);
  • Integrated water services;
  • Environmental services (waste collection and treatment);
  • Technological services (to public and private bodies).

Iren S.p.A. is listed in the Italian Stock Exchange (market capitalization 1.66 Euro billions, 04/2015) and the majority of its share capital is currently owned by the municipalities of Turin, Genoa, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza.

The Group serves a multiregional area with over 7,200,000 inhabitants, with its over 6,200 employees, a Gross Operating Margin of 623 million Euros in 2014, a portfolio of more than 1.5 million customers in the energy sector and over 2.4 million inhabitants served in the water service and environmental cycle. It has also a presence in other Italian Regions and some interests abroad.

Iren is the first operator in Italy in the district heating sector for the volume heated, third in the water services sector for the number of cubic meters managed and in the environmental services sector for the quantity of waste treated, fifth in the gas sector for the amount of gas sold to end customers and fifth in the electricity sector for the amount of electricity sold.

Almost the entire generation capacity (2,700 MW) is "eco-friendly", hydroelectric or co-generative.

With reference to the subject matter of this EoI, Iren owns CHP plants and HOB for a total electric capacity of 2,100 MWe and thermal capacity of 1,200 MWt; such plants serve about 802,000 inhabitants in 5 towns through about 880 km of transportation and distribution networks.

Iren district heating systems, plants and networks have been recently upgraded and expanded through a capex plan of about 700 million Euros that let Iren acquire a leadership in terms of market share and know-how.

In the energy efficiency field, Iren offers global service management to private and public bodies, including heating and electric management through delivery of Client tailored solutions, such as installation of renewable sources, LED lamps for public lighting systems as well as remote control systems.



Gruppo Torinese Trasporti (GTT) is a society 100% controlled by the City of Turin. President and CEO is eng. Walter Ceresa.

Employees working for GTT are about 5.000.

In the last years GTT won tenders for Turin's urban public transport network (for 12 years since 2012) and the tender for the extraurban public transport network through the EXTRA.TO consortium (for 6 years since 2011).

GTT manages 1 automatic metro line, 8 tramway lines, 83 urban and suburban bus lines, 80 extraurban lines, 2 railway lines, 3 touristic lines in the Province of Turin and in the Provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo. The kilometric production in 2014 was about 67,7 million kilometers.

The 2014 balance sheet estimated the value of production at 465 million 664 thousand Euros.

Comparing 2014 with 2013 there were no remarkable variations in the number of passengers (about 200 million journeys).

In recent years 60 million Euros have been invested in the fleet renewal (250 new buses). The average age of the bus is 9,8 years.

The fleet consists of 1200 buses, 200 trams, 40 metro trains and 2 boats.

The automatic metro line has been the first of its kind in Italy, it has 21 stations and is 12.5 km long; its rush hour service interval is every 2 minutes and it has an availability estimated at 99,8%.

Some recent technological innovations are the BIP project (electronic ticketing), and the SIS - Service Information System which controls the fleet through the GPS system.

In addition, GTT manages the following tourist services: the Sassi-Superga rack tramway, the boat service along the River Po and the Mole Antonelliana panoramic lift.



Founded in 1962, DEDEM Automatica Srl creates, manages and sells on an international scale equipment for the automatic distribution of photos, ID photos, stickers, postcards, customized cards and automatic games. A leader in the automatic photo market throughout the Mediterranean, its 9.000 machines are located in Italy, Spain, Israel, Turkey and Rumania, making up an innovative network and becoming a familiar landmark to everyone. The DEDEM machines are the cheapest, fastest and most popular means of having ID photos taken and, just in Italy, are used for over 12 million photographical shoots a year. The company operates both from its head offices located in Ariccia (Rome) and from the 30 service points located all over Italy. Furthermore, it is connected by commercial and operational ties to the British Group "Photo-Me", which operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

In Italy, DEDEM manages more than 5.000 automatic equipment, of which about 3.000 for the immediate making of color photographs in the ID format in conformity with ICAO standards. These make up our best-known product and for decades have been a part of the urban scene and everyday life of both small and big Italian towns. Our range of machines includes ID digital photobooths, professional machines for digital printing (photobooks, calendars, pamphlets, etc.), Kiddie Rides (automatic games for children), videogames and non-food vending machines. The big diversity in the locations of our machines is the result of a constant fidelization effort and market penetration, which has led DEDEM to become a partner of all the main Italian retail chains, Public Administration offices, airports, State railways and subways. Our experience has been optimized through continuous updating of our technology, quality control and quick delivery of our services, customization of the offer and constant technical assistance.

Our longstanding experience and professionality have been used towards new initiatives such as the creation and management of the GLL (Grandi Locali Leisure YOUNGO - big leisure premises), spaces used for the entertainment of children and their families. As of today, 9 Youngo premises have been set up throughout the Italian territory.

Since 2013, Dedem Automatica is also a partner of Poste Italiane Spa, offering a range of services set out by the e-government agenda and for which the use of innovative technology clearly constitutes a valid contribution to the improvement of the final service offered to the users. Through the consortium PatentiviaPoste, Dedem has also won the tender of the MIT (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) for the centralized printing of driver licenses, which are now being printed at our plant in Settebagni (Rome).

This year, in collaboration with Sermetra, the network of agencies for car bureaucratic procedures, with over 1.200 service points throughout the Italian territory, Dedem has developed a program called FOTOPATENTE (Driver license photo), a cutting-edge system that enables your ID photo to be sent directly from the photo booths to the network of car agencies, optimizing time and costs as a result.

The DEDEM Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001.



ASSAIF - the oldest Islamic finance consultancy in Europe - provides worldwide strategic institutional advisory to governments, central banks, public and semi-public institutions, regional and local authorities. It operates on a projects-basis model by establishing core teams of professionals and local experts in the legal and Shariah, fiscal and administrative, financial engineering and marketing areas.

The long experience in Islamic, conventional and ethical finance enables ASSAIF to provide informed opinion and analysis with an intellectually inclusive approach and to structure products and instruments that join the implementation of the values advocated by the Islamic political economy to the techniques proper to Islamic finance. ASSAIF focuses only on projects that are spiritually, socially, intellectually, and economically beneficial to society at large and has been instrumental in bringing Islamic finance to new markets and extending its range of activities to new areas.

Furthermore, ASSAIF values and disseminates the culture of diversity and encourages the development of new forms of governance in Western societies that take into account the financial inclusion of the Muslim communities in full compliance with the national regulations and their own cultural requirements.

Islamic finance represents a workable alternative to the endemic crises that shake conventional finance. Based on real transactions and risk-sharing principles, it only deals with those sectors of the economy that can actively contribute to a sound individual and societal development. Its understanding of the nature of money, its dislike of credit brokerage based on interest rate, its wealth redistribution approach and its inclusiveness of all faiths and races, make Islamic finance a modern and sensible proposition.

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo S.p.A.

Alexandra Alberta Chiolo S.p.A. is born with an absolutely innovative and farsighted objective: creating a ladies shoe with interchangeable heels and platforms that can give every woman the pleasure of playing in different moments of the day.

Established in 2008, Alexandra Alberta Chiolo S.p.A, after years of accurate studies, technical lab tests, crash tests and stylistic changes, in 2012 starts finally the process that brings to the creation of the ALBERTINE shoes that are, first of all, the result of the great attention paid to quality of materials, to craftsmanship, and to the refinement of the "Made-in-Italy" brand.

Love for tradition and for the choice of raw materials is combined with a main investment in research and development as well as with the use of technologies employed also in other sectors such as aerospace and mechanical.

ALBERTINE are innovative shoes characterised by great personality and originality.

Play and Provocation are the traits that highlight the nature and the style of a brand that is an accomplice of all the women who never stop playing, re-inventing their own style also more than once a day. Free and independent women who love to provoke and seduce.

Tradition and Innovation are the key elements which the Alexandra Alberta Chiolo brand has its foundation on. All collections are 100% designed and Made in Italy.

Turismo Torino e Provincia

Turismo Torino e Provincia

TURISMO TORINO E PROVINCIA is the Convention & Visitors Bureau for the city of Torino and its surrounding province set up for promoting the province of Torino as a destination for tourism, leisure and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events).


  • developing tourism products around four major themes: Torino, wine and food, winter mountain sports, summer mountain excursions
  • jointly creating and promoting specific products with local tourist operators, such as Alpi Alta Val Susa, Piccole Stazioni Invernali, Natura Outdoor.


  • end customers
  • national and international press
  • professional operators in the leisure and MICE segment.


  • 12 tourism bureaus with a single and coordinated image spread over the entire province
  • tourism products and services:
    • Torino+Piemonte Card
    • Tourist bus CitySightseeing, 3 "classic", "brand new" amd "Royal Residences" lines
    • Booking of guided tour services
    • Online hotel reservation system

THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CONGRESS SECTOR so that torino and its province form part of the circuit of major europe cities hosting conferences, by means of a series of activities, including:

  • preparing and presenting customised candidacy dossiers, participating in bids for being assigned the event, in Italy and abroad
  • seeking out national and international associations for developing the associational sector
  • development of projects for corporate events.

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Turkish Airlines is the official airline of "TIEF2015" and special discounts up to 20% are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website and use the event code 126TKM15 under delegate section.